About Us

Welcome to The Golden Pineapple! Fashion, fun, and forward thinking has propelled us into the boutique spotlight, and it’s our pleasure to step up and steal the show. From your favorite summer sundress to a winter look designed to stun, we carry it all. Whether you describe yourself as a lady boss, a best friend, an entrepreneur, a mother, a fashionista, a glamour goddess — we understand the need to express what it is you feel within you. Sophistication and spontaneity clash in the most beautiful ways here at The Golden Pineapple, and we know you’ll fit right in.

We kicked off our brand once we realized how hard it was to find clothing that was unique, high-quality, and affordable. No matter what boutique we chose, it seemed like we were always abandoning one essential trait for the other two (usually price or quality)...but at The Golden Pineapple, we do things a little differently. We find the best brands and never limit ourselves from finding a steal. Our search for fashion-forward statement pieces never ends. It’s our mission to offer fun, relevant, and seasonal style options for women from all walks of life.

You wear many hats, and so do we. Find the fashion that works best with your day-to-day life. From conquering the corporate world to exploring new terrain across the globe, we’ve got the head-turning, dazzling look you’ve been dying to add to your closet. What are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!  

*Please allow 3 to 4 weeks delivery for your orders